Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just who is Sarah Palin?

Three points of data irrefutably put the lie to one of the strongest selling points of the Sarah Palin campaign (f/k/a the McCain campaign).

First, Sarah Palin occupies the highest ranking public office in the largest state in the nation.

Second, not only does Alaska possess the longest coastline in the country, its coastline is longer than all other states combined.

Third, Sarah Palin has to travel over 2500 miles and even cross another freakin’ country just to get to Middle America.

The only conclusion one can draw from this data is this:

Sarah Palin is an out-of-touch coastal elite far removed from the Middle-America she and her supporters claims she represents.

[VIMH: Surely you can’t be serious]
First, I seldom am.

Second, surely my "attack" on Palin can be taken as seriously as claims that she is like a Muslim fundamentalist with lipstick or a seductive, whip-wielding dominatrix (h/t Geraghty).

Third, if anyone truly thinks that Sarah Palin is a religious extremist who is dependent upon her sex appeal to seduce voters or actually believes that characterizing her as such can sway independent voters, we’ve got a bridge (to nowhere) we’d like to offer them. In fact, there’s a chance they can get that bridge for pennies on the dollar, with the federal government chipping in for the rest … if we can just get Sarah Palin out of the governor’s mansion in Alaska and keep Joe Biden and Barack Obama in the Senate.

McCain-Palin ‘08
If you want another shot at the bridge to nowhere

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