Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More on Palin

We’ve talked before about the “who do you want to have a beer with” vote – and Sarah Palin may break the machine that would measure such things. Who wouldn’t want to have a beer with her – and we’re not just talking about her looks – she’s a bush pilot, a moose hunter, a commercial fisherwoman, she was raised by wolves and once killed a Kodiak bear with her bare hands.

Those last two may prove apocryphal.

Another thought - Sarah Palin introduces the “who would you want your child to grow up and marry” vote in a way that makes others pale by comparison. Again, not because of her physical attractiveness, but because of the way that she lives life to the fullest, loves those around her with vigor, and gets things done – she does all the big things in life right.

Sure, there will be plenty of people who would want their children to grow up and marry Obama. But how many people would like to imagine their daughter belonging to, and then their grandkids being raised in Trinity United Church of Christ under the pastorship of Reverend Wright?

Last thought – as easy as it was to predict that the left would overreact in vile and destructive ways toward Palin, here’s another easy prediction: the Left will misunderestimate Palin as a candidate. Count on it. Harder to predict is the actual success McCain-Palin will ultimately have at the ballot box – vice presidential candidates don’t decide election in and of themselves.

But we wonder if the Left will be as successful at misunderestimating their way to defeat against McCain-Palin as they have been with George Bush in two elections.

FIRST HINT: A pool on when Palin will drop out?

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