Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something they have in common

They seem so different. Male/female; black/white; liberal/conservative; big city/out in the boonies; Ivy League educated/small non-prestigous colleges (five of them for her undergraduate degree!).

Apart from both breaking new ground in a presidential election (first African-American presidential nominee/first female nominee on a Republican ticket), is there anything they have in common?

Maybe so...this is from a Field and Stream interview with Barack Obama:

LICATA: Do you have a favourite piece of public land?

SENATOR OBAMA: One of my best memories as a child was the first time I went to Yellowstone. You know, I was 11 years old, and I went with my grandmother and my mom and my sister, and we spent almost a week. And just driving along a road, and then suddenly coming across just a herd of elk wandering through, or seeing a moose peering out of the woods, out of the marshes: It was magic.

See...Sarah Palin loves moose too!

Well, shot, processed, and served in a bowl of stew, that is. But it's something.

Oh and yeah, mmmmm, moose.

1 comment:

  1. Note: Obama displays a dialectic 'flop' on almost every issue. His
    less recognized or publicized pose is a maintained position on
    opposing principles.

    Case in point: His support of humanistic collectivism & Marxist
    Liberation 'Theology' at the same time he claims spiritual Christian
    Individual Value.

    He has earned the title; "Mr. Oxymoron."