Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Sarah Palin's speech

We'll let others give the thorough reviews of Sarah Palin's speech. We'd put in a couple of links, but they'd just be to the same places as always anyways, and besides the swooning we are currently undergoing makes that kinda difficult right now.

Our immediate reaction last night to the speech went like this...

As objectively as I love it so, love her so, love the speech so, and no matter how much I would no matter anything else -- the thought that Sarah Palin delivered this speech under this pressure with this amount of sickening vitriol from the left, the media and the Dems has given me a respect for her that cannot be shaken.

We feel the same this morning.

Your move, Senator Obama. Think carefully about your response. Palin went after you hard last night, inviting a hard response.

Because she wants it.

You can stand up to a little ol’ small town mayor, can’t you?

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  1. The speech certainly appealed to her base, but it will have lasting negative effects for the McCain campaign.

    READ if you have any interest in an alternative view.