Friday, August 1, 2008

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway

We leave today for the last leg of our summer vacation travels. Flight to Texas, pick up the family, and drive back. We are very pleased to see that gas has dropped nearly two bits per gallon, since last we roamed the open roads of America.

And yes, we already knew to keep our tires properly inflated to improve fuel efficiency. But we’ll pretend like we didn’t to make Obama feel better. He’s had a rough week.

Of course, even if his advice had changed us from not-properly-inflated-tire-people to properly-inflated-tire-people, the most we could hope to save on this 1,400 mile drive is $6.24* as a result.

Pocket change we can believe in!

This is all just a really long way of saying that posting will be light over the weekend.

MORE: Oh and the flight today has a stop in Detroit, Michigan. That’s one more state to add to the list.


*Assuming a 3% increase in fuel efficiency (using the number from Powerline)
Tires pre-Obama: 1,400 miles / 25 mpg = 56 gallons * $3.90 = $218.40
Tires post-Obama: 1,400 miles / 25.75 mpg = 54.4 gallons * $3.90 = 212.16


  1. And me stuck in the Bahamas for the week and unable to even wave as you fly over...

    There'll be water in the rivers back in NC come the fall rains, won't there?

    Somewhat topically, I tend to get ~10% better mileage by improperly inflating my tires to the sidewall max while cold.

    I blame an early exposure to Hunter Thompson.

    Per the numbers you've laid out, I probably lose in decreased tire life what I gain in gas mileage.

    But I am saving the planet.

  2. Hey, Walter.

    I hope you're well and having a good time.