Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Revisiting (UPDATED)

We suggested Newt Gingrich. Or Sarah Palin. Or even Lisa Murkowski.

But Blake Dvorak has a post up at RCP – and today it’s Marsha Blackburn who is issuing the challenge invitation for McCain to visit ANWR:

As one of the Republican members pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to recall the House to vote on energy legislation, Rep. Marsha Blackburn today encouraged Sen. John McCain to revisit ANWR. McCain has called for drilling in the outer continental shelf but has drawn the line at the Alaskan region.

"I would encourage [McCain] to come back and revisit this area and revisit the issue and talk to the people," said Blackburn speaking over the phone from Barrow, Alaska. The Tennessee congresswoman traveled to Alaska today to learn how Alaskans living near the refuge feel about drilling.

We’re all for it. Not sure that Blackburn has quite the sway of Palin or Gingrich, though. But we’ll take what we can get.

Listen to her, Senator McCain.

INCIDENTALLY: Blackburn uses the word “revisit”. We were unable to find record of when McCain has ever been to ANWR. Was it one year ago? Five? Ten? Seventy-one?

UPDATE: (8/21) Rep. Blackburn pens a post at Red State about her recent trip to ANWR.

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