Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama and the library

The last time we took up the dearth of Obama's accomplishments and paper trail, we ended up with a recreation of the poem Footprints.

But a more alarming thought comes to mind along the same lines, by way of this Jim Geraghty post:

Just to review, the public cannot get access to paperwork related grants distributed by then-state-legislator Obama (records from 1997 to 2000 aren't available); his state legislative office records (which he says may have been thrown out); he refuses to release a specific list of law clients, instead giving a list of all of his firm's clients, numbering several hundred each year; he won't release his application to the state bar (where critics wonder if he lied in responding to questions about parking tickets and past drug use); he’s never released any legal or billing records to verify that he only did a few hours of work for a nonprofit tied to convicted donor Rezko; and he's never released any medical records, just a one-page letter from his doctor.

Now the University of Illinois at Chicago is denying Stanley Kurtz access to documents relating to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a small foundation, founded and inspired by Bill Ayers, for which Obama served as board chairman.

Honestly. Obama has accomplished so very little in any position he has taken -- and there is emphatically so very little that can be accurately documented.

So what is so alarming?

Well, the idea that documents that have been entrusted to a library are being made off limits to public scrutiny brought us to this speculation: what the heck is Obama going to use to fill his Presidential Library after his 8-10 years in the White House?

As of now, it will look something like this:

That may be a little difficult to make out -- so let's zoom in to the only shelf that actually contains anything:

Two memoirs. The sum total of Obama's written record currently available for inclusion in his Presidential library.

Although it may be premature to assume he won't also use the library to sell yard signs and other campaign paraphernalia.

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