Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet the Obamas

Michelle Obama headlines "Meet the Obamas" night at the Democratic convention in Denver this evening.

Whereas Joe Biden was selected to be the running mate to bring gravitas to the ticket, Michelle Obama is being tapped to help portray her husband as a regular, America-loving (and definitely not elitist!) guy. She will also certainly try and assuage any fears that voters may have with a candidate who has a funny name, trying to neutralize her husband's propensity to keep calling attention to it.

We are reliably assured that she will deliver a positive, upbeat message.

Which is a relief. After more than a few downbeat incidences on the campaign trail during the primaries, "positive" and "upbeat" weren't exactly the words most often used to describe her.

What word, then? Maybe this is unfair...

Michelle Obama

Maybe it's not.

But since Barack instructed us that "whatever Michelle says is the [Obama] message", no matter what, we do have to pay attention.

And tonight the message will be all smiles and unabashed pride for her country.

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