Monday, April 28, 2008

One mystery solved

Answering the question everyone is wondering, we have one mystery solved, based on the information from this story in the NY Times:

But Mr. Obama swatted aside a call by Mrs. Clinton, of New York, for a debate before the primaries on May 6 in Indiana and North Carolina. His performance in the last debate, before the Pennsylvania primary, was widely viewed as flat and uninspired, and his decision not to risk a rematch suggested a desire to try to keep his message more fully under his control. […]

As a result, they said, he had decided — at least for now — not to take on Mrs. Clinton directly. In one sign of that, he has spent more time trying to shore up his own shortcomings and challenges, often to the point of nearly ignoring her, as he intensified his attacks on Mr. McCain.

In the movie version of this year’s Democratic primary campaign, the role of Hillary Clinton will be played by Alex Forrest Glenn Close.

That is, if Obama really intends on playing the “just ignore her” card.

“I won’t be ignored, Dan!”

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