Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stop calling me names

Last we heard from Michelle Obama, she was calling us divisive, lazy, uninformed, uninvolved, isolated, too comfortable, though she did not call us Ray.

Apparently she was just getting warmed up:

"So when people talk about this elitist stuff, I say, 'You couldn't possibly know anything about me.' So let me give you a better sense of who me and Barack are and why we're doing this," she said.

She then proceeds to characterize people she couldn’t possibly know anything about as struggling, cynical, hopeless, disgusted, isolated, lonely, embarrassed, and susceptible to fear.

I think I know her far better than she thinks I do and that she knows people like me far less than she thinks she does.

I mean, she didn’t even know how much we like pie. In fact, we cling to our pie.

(h/t Soylent Red)

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