Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes you simply stop

Sometimes you simply stop
Drop to your knees
And cry

Yesterday, when I saw this from K-Lo on the Corner, I recognized the tragedy it represented. I also recognized that I couldn’t read it at work without tearing up.

Audrey Caroline Smith, R.I.P. [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

In a blog, a mother shares her love and fear and faith with the world as she chooses to give birth to a daughter who does not live for long, but is treasured all the same. What love, what pain some parents face ...

When I got home, however, and read the email my wife asked me to read, read the pain in her eyes, and then read the blog, I recognized.

Audrey Caroline Smith

And I simply stopped
Dropped to my knees
And cried

God bless you, Angie and Todd.


  1. From the sturm and drang of the campaign and the ritualized nastiness toward parents and new children, it's easy to forget that God's love is still shed upon his children who know how to see it and be thankful.

  2. What a beautiful and heart-wrenching story.

    This is the face of the pro-life community that is so rarely seen by those not part of the movement. It is compassion and grace and most of all love.

    On my better days, I aspire to be like the Smiths.