Monday, April 7, 2008

Vote neither

Marc Ambinder points us to the latest dream ticket news, a website called Vote Both

Hillary/Obama '08 becomes official today. In a way.

A Clinton insider who served as ex campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle's executive assistant for several years has set up a new website, and plans to register with the Federal Election Commission today.

VoteBoth urges Democrats to support a joint Clinton-Obama ticket.

Its creator, Adam Parkhomenko, resigned from the campaign three weeks ago.

He had been one of the first employees of the 2006 incarnation of Clinton's political action committee, HillPAC, and his proximity to the powers of the campaign will raise the question of whether the effort is sanctioned by the campaign. (Parkhomenko says that the idea was his own.)

The website features a petition to members of the Democratic National Committee "to support a unity ticket with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama."

It is assumed, of course, that being a former Hillary insider, Parkhomenko is pushing for Hillary at the top of the ticket and Obama as VP.

But we’re quite certain that Obama supporters would not see this as acceptable, much less a dream ticket, considering his position in the lead with pledged delegates and the certainty that he will retain that lead after all the votes have been counted.

In fact, in a spirit of continuing the advice to Democrats we have been offering, we would submit the following.

Since one of the most contentious aspects of this race for the Democrats is the tension of the ground-breaking nature of having the first African-American nominee for president vs having the first female nominee – please allow us to suggest the perfect unity candidate:

No! Not this guy.

Run Cynthia Run

Power to the People!

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