Monday, October 27, 2008

Dean Barnett

Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard:

Dean Barnett, 1967-2008

It's my sad duty to report that our good friend and valued contributor Dean Barnett passed away today. He was a remarkable man--principled, witty, and to all of us, a model of grace and courage. We mourn his passing and cherish his memory.

--William Kristol

This world could use so many more Deans, yet now has lost its only one.

There really are no words here that will do. Only tears.

And then prayers for Dean's family.

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  1. We were so hopeful that Dean would pull through. Loved his sense of humor and his wonderful accent. Will miss him but heaven has a new angel today! Godspeed, Dean, you made a real difference.

    Gladys Dworacek