Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama-Biden: Flip Flops Sold Separately

Remember this billboard? We posted it a couple of weeks ago:

Obama-Biden Billboard

We did you a disservice, dear reader, by by not giving you the full context:

Obama-Biden: Flip Flops We Can't Afford

The man of hope and change rhetoric in the primaries was a doctrinaire liberal. Well, Obama did change. Obama became the man of politics as usual in the general election having flip flopped to the center on a number of issues. It's quite a feat, actually, when you think about it.

But who is the real Obama? When elected, how will he govern and what will he do? Do we look at his completely liberal record, or his completely malleable rhetoric?

Obama is most certainly selling his flip flops.

Dan McLaughlin had some ideas about Obama's flip flops back in August.

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  1. Selling his flip-flops?

    Maybe he's just putting them up for lease.