Thursday, October 2, 2008

The rigors of spacing

Here's a billboard on our commute to work, near our office.

Obama-Biden Billboard

In fact, you can see it from some of the windows in our building. This picture, however, was taken on our way home from work yesterday. Impressive, don't you think?

[VIMH: Impressive? You think that billboard is impressive?]
No, not the billboard - rather, our ability to multitask at 50 mph, operating both a vehicle and a camera with the absence of crashing and minimal blurring.

The billboard on the other hand? Well, watch that spacing*, folks!

The Emperor Has No Clothes takes on a whole new, and altogether disturbing meaning.

*Yes, we've made that joke before, see the "sly commenter" suggestion at this JustOneMinute post. In fact, that was our first ever comment at JOM. We were quite shy then. We've managed to come out of our shell a little bit since.

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