Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Subprime Disaster's High-Value Targets: The Deck

Card ten.

Ace asked for it:

He's holding out on Frank because it's such a sweet card, but I think he should post it tonight.

OK, so here you go, our attempt to flatter Barney Frank because he's gay.

And sweet? Hey, Ace said it, not me.

Go see the Ace post for the rest of the details. Go to Hot Air for the Frank video.

Card one: Ace of Clubs, Christopher Dodd
Card two: King of Clubs, Charles Schumer
Card three: Queen of Clubs, Jamie Gorelick
Card four: Jack of Clubs, Kent Conrad
Card five: Queen of Hearts, Madeline Talbott
Card six: Jack of Hearts, Gregory Meeks
Card seven: King of Hearts, James Johnson
Card eight: Queen of Diamonds, Maxine Waters
Card nine: King of Spades, Harry Reid

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