Thursday, October 16, 2008

First early voting returns are in

Obama is winning the early vote here in Greensboro, North Carolina, according to our local newspaper.

In fact, according to the evidence presented in the article, Obama is up by 5%!

That is, Obama is at 5% to McCain’s 0% -- in buttons, t-shirts and signs at the polls.

GREENSBORO — If they counted votes as they went, it's probably safe to say that Barack Obama is leading the presidential balloting in Guilford County.

Obama supporters — as measured by signs, buttons and T-shirts, anyway — showed up in force at the old Guilford County Courthouse this morning, the first day of early voting in North Carolina.

When the polls opened at 8 a.m., about 200 people waited to vote in a line that doubled back on itself inside a first-floor hallway and stretched out a side door. ...

Roughly one out of 20 had a button or T-shirt that showed their support for the Democratic candidate for president. Several more wore buttons supporting Teresa Sue Bratton, who is challenging Republican Howard Coble for the 6th District seat in the U.S. House.

Outside the courthouse, about 20 people waved "Teamsters for Obama/Biden" and "Carolina is Obama Country" signs at the traffic heading downtown on West Market. A few drivers honked back.

There was no evidence of any organized presence from John McCain's campaign either inside or outside the courthouse.

So, roughly 1 out of 20 – or 10 people out of 200 – had some type of Obama paraphernalia in line to vote, therefore it is safe to say that Obama is leading if they counted the votes?

Actually, it would not be surprising that of those who voted at the old Guilford County Courthouse downtown this morning, Obama is leading. But on this evidence? Please.

And besides, John McCain supporters are headed 20 miles east for the Sarah Palin rally in Elon, NC today -- and waiting for the additional 11 polling sites that will open on Sunday to vote a little closer to home.

But today, Obama is on track to win the election for Merchandiser-in-Chief down at the old courthouse.

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