Thursday, October 2, 2008

We’ve got good news and bad news

The bad news? The once safe status of North Carolina for McCain-Palin is now out the window. It’s a battleground state, with state polls heading in Obama’s favor in the last few weeks.

The good news? That means Sarah Palin gets dispatched to our state. And here to Greensboro!

GREENSBORO -- Vice presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will attend a fundraiser event on Oct. 16 in Greensboro, according to Joe Hauck at the New Breed Company in Greensboro.

The bad news? The fundraiser is probably not open to the public.

The event, which most likely won't be open to the public, will be held at the home of Louis DeJoy, president of Greensboro logistics company New Breed, the News and Record reported. DeJoy is the state finance chair for the McCain/Palin ticket.

The good news? She’s coming back to the state for a rally!

Palin is also scheduled to make another swing through the Tarheel state leading up to Election Day in November.

The bad news? The rally is at Eastern Carolina University, in Greenville, three hours away in the middle of the week.

She will be attending a rally on the campus of East Carolina on Tuesday, McCain campaign officials confirmed.

The good news?


Well, we'll try and come up with something.

To be able to skip work and make the rally!

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