Saturday, May 10, 2008

Duck and cover

Last night was poker night. I didn't lose my shirt necessarily, but my wallet was considerably lightened.

And I should have left earlier than I did, and not just because the losing streak was pretty bad.

We have poker night at the neighborhood clubhouse. During the game, it started raining outside. Then the lightning started. And the wind was whipping pretty good.

Then the lights went out. But you know what? The room we play poker in has an emergency exit with backup lighting, so all the power outage did was dim the room a little. It was late and I figured the family was long ago asleep and the power being out would go completely unnoticed by them. So we soldiered on like the dedicated poker players we are.

I got home maybe an hour or two later, went to bed, woke up this morning, drove to work.

Not realizing that we narrowly missed disaster:

Officials are trying to determine whether one or two tornadoes touched down in Guilford County on Thursday night. [...]

One person was killed and three others suffered non-life threatening injuries after at least one tornado touched down near Interstate 40 and Sandy Ridge Road late Thursday night, damaging nearby homes and about a half-dozen businesses.

More photos of the damage here.

I'm sure there's some witty poker pun to be made here. I'll pass for now.

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