Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today, I vote

NC primary day. I hope to sneak out of work a little early and squeeze in my vote before the kids’ soccer practice.

Who am I going to vote for? Am I going to participate in Operation Chaos? And if I did, would I vote for Hillary or Obama?

I can’t answer those questions yet, but I can say one thing – I hope to participate in as many exit polls as possible. In fact, I counted on my way to work today - I pass three polling places on my normal commute, and can hit two more by making a couple of half mile side trips. I’ll have to devise a plan to appear to have voted in each of these locations and appeal to exit pollsters as a potential and desirable exit pollee.

One man-one votesix exit polls.

Yes we can!

I will try to update later this evening the results of my voting and exit polling.

FWIW: By the way, on my commute, which was right around 7 AM, each of the polling places had ~20 cars. Seems like a pretty hefty number for the time. It is an area just north of Greensboro, a mix of suburban and rural settings along my commute. I have no idea how many poll workers that represented or how that number would compare to past elections. So yeah, maybe that info isn’t worth much. If you are dissatisfied, please contact Customer Service and you will be eligible for a full refund of all money spent at TheVIMH.

MORE: Here is the NC State Board of Elections primary election results website

POST-VOTE UPDATE: Well. No chaos here. Voted for McCain. And I felt good doing it. That is, I wasn’t entirely comfortable doing the cross-over thing. I didn’t completely make up my mind until the poll worker asked, “which ballot do you want?” And the word Democratic just wouldn’t pass my lips.

But then, after voting, it hit me. What a horrendous mistake I had made. What a devastating oversight.

I’ll let Geraghty help explain:

UPDATE: Oddity of the night: In North Carolina, 19,876 (so far) voted "no preference" in the Democratic primary. That's about 1 percent.

I did not realize that “no preference” was going to be on the ballot. I love “no preference”.

Or as I like to call him, “Uncommitted”.

He shoulda gotten 19,877 votes.

Now I’m bitter.

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  1. Hey, if you are really ambitious you can probably beat out the notorious "Greg Packer".

    Happy exit polling.