Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pin it on NDD

I wasn’t going to post anything about Obama’s latest foray into his false patriotism fashion fetishism. I said it last time the flag pin made an appearance on Obama’s lapel -- “It's not surprising then that Obama gets bitter, he clings to a ‘substitute for true patriotism’.”

Still sounds good to me.

But I cannot let this latest episode go by without recognizing Abe Greenwald’s post at the Weekly Standard. Greenwald shows great concern for liberals like WaPo’s Richard Cohen who saw such bravery in Obama’s refusal to wear the pin. Greenwald asks:

And how will they square their belief in the rebel patriot anti-panderer with their candidate’s transparent pandering? Obama has not made it easy for his supporters. It’s hard to keep track of the alternating intelligibility of his gestures. Words were not “just words” until they were uttered by his ex-pastor: then they were “just words” again. He couldn’t denounce anti-American black liberation theology–until he could. He was post-racial until he was, first and foremost, racial. A lapel pin was a substitute for patriotism until it was patriotism itself.

I have good news, Mr. Greenwald. While the diagnosis is that you have NDD, your nuance deficit appears to be within healthy levels.

But please understand that Obama supporters like Cohen will have no problem reconciling “the alternating intelligibility of [Obama’s] gestures.”

It’s the NHD.

And reconciling those contradictory positions of their beloved candidate is the least of their worries. It is the other symptoms that present the real problems.

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