Thursday, May 1, 2008

Make the most of it

Well, light blogging of late.

But we should take this opportunity to reinforce an incontrovertible truth -- all you need is a minute to stay up with everything that's important -- that is, all you need is Just One Minute.

Now, catching up myself at JOM, Tom Maguire has a post that accepts Michelle Obama's invitation to turn the page on Reverend Wright. Michelle asks:

“When was the last time we heard some really solid questions for these candidates on education in a debate? You know all about the issues in our personal lives, but ... education is the thing we should be angry about.”

Tom goes from there on a long, detailed, fascinating and utterly informative post on Barack Obama's role in education reform, especially as it relates to his involvement with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Then in a previous post, Tom looks at what most annoyed Obama by Wright's media blitz -- the fact that Wright dissed Obama's earlier denunciations of him as political posturing. (We agree with Wright on this, of course)

But then Tom wrote this:

How can Obama have this nation's confidence in negotiating with foreign leaders or making senior level Administration appointments when he was so wrong about Wright for so long?

And it hit us (being a conflationist by nature).

If we're talking about education and we are questioning Obama's judgment on making senior level Administration appointments, is there any question who would be on Obama's short list for Secretary of Education?

He is a very prominent supporter and has issued one of the most publicized educational theories in recent memory (no, no, not Rev. Wright's race-based learning theory).

We were going to give various hints to see if you could figure out this future Secretary, but alas our attention span is running on fumes (we blame the public school system!), so let's just go straight to the educational theory:

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  1. Work is no excuse. TM's on steroids or something and if you can't commit to say 12 hrs a day at JOM well you can't hope to be current. It's like the good old days at Versailles where they changed the code for knocking on doors every 15 minutes to exclude anyone who dared go home for even an hour.