Friday, May 9, 2008

emocleW er’uoY

Mickey Kaus:

[Thanks to alert reader J.D.] 10:12 P.M. link

It was my pleasure.

Oh, and thank you for not needling me for misspelling mutnemom as mutmenom in my email.

I was especially horrified at my mistake because mutnemom is a backwards spelled word.

When I was in school, I was your typical slacker student with a typical short attention span. I was constantly fighting boredom and sometimes fighting sleep – and mostly losing on both counts.

In one class, one in which it was crucial to actually take notes and pay attention, I developed an approach to keep my attention on the lecture. I taught myself to write backwards and upside down. The challenge of writing this way helped me pay attention and take good notes.

So, when I went back and re-read my email to Mickey, I immediately saw the mistake. Yet it was a mistake I made at least six times in the email.

I suppose I didn’t catch the mistake in writing the email because I was typing, not writing.

.tey deretsam evah I lliks a ton si sdrawkcab gnipyT

.lliw I yad emos tuB

MORE: Interesting, Jane Austen wrote this letter to her niece backwards. My love for her grows deeper.

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