Monday, May 5, 2008

Obama should light it up in North Carolina

OK, Obama realizes that being elitist doesn’t help (via RCP):

“I do think one of the ironies of the past two or three weeks is this idea that Michelle and I are elitist, intellectual pointy-head types. The fact is our lives more closely approximate the lives of the average voters than any of the other candidates,” he said. “We didn’t recognize the caricature that was being painted of us over the last couple of weeks.”

OK, but here’s the thing, Obama. Besides going to San Francisco and claiming small town Pennsylvanians were bitter, clingy gun worshippers (or something like that), you also went to Pennsylvania and didn’t even know what Yuengling was. While Hillary was throwing back shots and McCain’s wife owns a beer distributorship. You are losing the “who would you want to have a beer with” voter.

So, here’s how you can save North Carolina: start smoking again.

Yeah, yeah, you probably don’t like “big tobacco” any more than you like “big drug companies”.

Oh sure, you’d probably catch grief from Michelle.

But come on. If you are willing to usher in the “tyranny of corn” in the name of ending the “tyranny of oil”, all the while denouncing “big oil” while gladly letting them help fund your campaign, then surely throwing a bone to tobacco growers isn’t that big of a deal, especially if it makes you seem more like a regular roundy-headed, unintellectual guy.

MORE: OK, fine we admit, lighting it up on the basketball court is probably a better idea, especially since it gets you points in both NC and IN.

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