Sunday, May 11, 2008

She lives

Byron York on NRO retells a tale told by Michelle on the campaign trail:

[Michelle Obama] tells the story of a ten-year-old girl she met in Newberry, S.C., before that state’s primary. “It was in a little beauty shop, and we were having a rally — it was me and a bunch of women and a couple of brothers,” she recalls. After the rally, the girl came up to her and said, with great seriousness, “Do you realize when your husband becomes the next president of the United States, it will be historical?”

Everybody laughs; what a cute thing for a child to say. But then Obama asked the little girl what that would mean for her. “It means that I can imagine anything for myself,” the girl said.

The crowd begins to applaud; they think they’re hearing a happy, inspiring story. But that’s not where Mrs. Obama is going.“

And then that little girl started to break down in tears,” she continues. “She sobbed so hard. She was crying big, huge tears. And I had to think, why is this little girl crying so hard? And I thought, you know what’s going on? This little old girl gets it.”

Some may think that Michelle, uh, embellished this story for effect. Some may even be so cyncial as to suggest that Michelle made the whole crying episode up.

Not me.

I think we may have located the presumed fictional and heretofore assumed mythical CheChe's daughter.

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