Friday, May 30, 2008

Iraq is a quagmire

For Obama.

You’ve probably kept up with the story, so we’ll just quickly recap here:

Obama hasn’t been to Iraq in over two years.

McCain challenges Obama to go to Iraq with him.

Obama declines McCain’s invitationsays a joint visit would just be a political stuntbut he might be able to squeeze in a solo this summer – during which his campaign says they would want to “see what sort of difficulties [the troops are] facing and see how it is that we can begin to carefully remove them”.

So where does that leave us?

With a Hillary content to stay on the sidelines with this storyline, that’s where.

Until now.

Hillary takes a subtle jab at Obama:

In her campaign stops, Clinton customarily pauses to praise McCain for his service to the country before going on to criticize his policy positions and cast them as a continuation of the Bush administration. But as she campaigns in South Dakota in advance of its Tuesday primary, Clinton added an extra recollection to her intro. “I have the highest respect and regard for Sen. McCain, he and I have actually gone to Iraq and Afghanistan together,” she said

What she didn’t say is that Obama is a wimp for being too scared to go with McCain.

She didn’t have to.

Some things can be left unsaid and still be understood.

MORE: And yes, Hillary knows the risks associated with a visit to Iraq. The political/public relations risks, that is.

UPDATE: Thanks Glenndapundit!

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  1. this is a very silly argument. So what? Joe Lieberman went many times and says what he always says. McCain went there and said all is going swimmingly.then we learn that he had mucho protection from our troops, was in safety zone...How often did FDR go to WWII war zones? and yet he managed to win the war.

    Chris Shays, my congressman, goes once a week, as often as I go to the bathroom! And he always tells us that we are winning--this, 5 years later. If Obama goes or does not go does that make him ill equipped to comment? I served during a war and did not make me an expert on how the war was proceeding.

    We have the Joint chiefs, the CIA et al to inform the White House on how things are truly going. The counting of visits of congress folks is mere grandstanding.