Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Laying claim

Mickey Kaus:

Mutnemom in Action: RCP's chart shows Hillary closing in Oregon, of all places. ... Backfill: See Faughnan --"Is her mutnemom kicking into overdrive now that even Senator Obama seems to be tossing dirt onto her grave?" ... [Thanks to reader P.F.] 10:32 P.M.

When last we were considering Mr. Kaus, we had sent him an email and he hat-tipped us by initials in a post.

The post in question purported to explain Hillary’s poor showing in the NC and IN primaries. Of course, what that post does not mention was Mickey’s own hand in killing Hillary’s mutnemom by publicizing the late-breaking polls in her favor and by predicting that she would outperform expectations.

Ascribing mutnemom before an election means describing actual, you know, momentum.

Here we go again. The day before OR and KY, and Mickey is promoting the idea that Hillary is making up distance in the polls in OR, calling it “Mutnemom in Action”.

One wild conspiracy theory is that Mickey is waging his own personal “operation chaos” against Hillary, killing mutnemom by helping create actual momentum.

We’ll call it Soahc Noitarepo.

If it exists. Which we aren’t claiming*.

What we do want to claim is the name itself.

Before anyone else does.


*Unless he comes out with a prediction of Hillary getting within 5 in OR, at which point we reserve the right to reconsider.

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