Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fine, let's make this nuance day

Michelle Obama has famously said that Barack is going to require us to work, demand that shed our divisions, come out of our isolation, move out of our comfort zones, push ourselves to be better, and engage.

Well, whether he can accomplish all that or not, Obama is forcing me to cover his interview with Jeffrey Goldberg ... because of the nuance:

JG: Were you flummoxed by it? [the Hamas endorsement]

BO: I wasn’t flummoxed. I think what is going on there is the same reason why there are some suspicions of me in the Jewish community. Look, we don’t do nuance well in politics and especially don’t do it well on Middle East policy. We look at things as black and white, and not gray. It’s conceivable that there are those in the Arab world who say to themselves, “This is a guy who spent some time in the Muslim world, has a middle name of Hussein, and appears more worldly and has called for talks with people, and so he’s not going to be engaging in the same sort of cowboy diplomacy as George Bush,” and that’s something they’re hopeful about. I think that’s a perfectly legitimate perception

Obama is simply asking that we in America strive to achieve a level of nuance that those in the Arab world who say such things to themselves have achieved.

Is that too much to ask -- I mean, why can't we be more like those Arabs?

All he is saying, is give nuance a chance.

MORE: Oh, and Michelle also said that Barack would demand that we shed our cynicism. Fat chance, that – he’ll be flummoxed if he tries.

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  1. has a middle name of Hussein,

    Oh, so now that's a good thing?

    I wish he make up his damned mind.