Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do it in Denver! See you there!

Plan ahead for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver

Be prepared

(Yes, you can find cheaper models. But let's face it - you'll want every one of these 50 watts)

Be very prepared

(A strong enameled ferrule is key)

Be very, very prepared

(I would prefer the more traditional model. But let's face it - a regulator really should be considered essential to help combat global warming)

Do it in Denver!

See you there!

UPDATE: Uh oh. Question is -- is the Recreate '68 website even accessible at DIA?

DENVER - Travelers using Denver International Airport's free Wi-Fi service cannot visit Internet sites that airport officials consider provocative.

A report in The Denver Post says the airport is blocking Vanity Fair magazine's Web site, the hipster site and others.

So, what would the proprietors of Recreate '68 want? People not to be able to get to their site at the airport where the convention will be held -- or not to be esteemed as provacative?

Tough call!

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