Wednesday, March 5, 2008

'Twas there that he parted in yon shady glen

Obama in December, takes the high road:

“Right now groups supporting Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are flooding Iowa and the other early states with millions of dollars in paid ads, phone calls, and mailings. Some of it is negative and even deceptive, and a lot of it is paid for by huge, unregulated contributions from special interests.” …

To give you a sense of the spending in Iowa right now, below is the most up-to-date independent expenditure information in Iowa. ...

For John Edwards
Working for Working Americans/Carpenters: $516,216.51
Alliance for a New America (SEIU): $760,801.00

Obama campaign now, takes the (Obama-described) low road:

For all its indignation, the Obama campaign doesn't mind playing it both ways when convenient. One example is the Senator's own easy relationship with spending on his behalf by organized labor. According to the Federal Election Commission, the Service Employees International Union was spending some $1.4 million to support his candidacy in Ohio and Texas, including direct mail, phone-banking and union outlays to pay for "volunteers." Meanwhile, the Fund For America, another so-called 527 group funded by George Soros and the SEIU, is funneling $400,000 to groups buying ads to attack John McCain.

I fear that Obama’s rhetoric and his actions will never meet again...on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

UPDATE: Oops, I missed the memo that it's Barack O'Bama. Huh, so he's Irish. My bad.

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