Friday, March 7, 2008

"The voice in my head is not who I am"

The above is a quote from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Found on Oprah's book club.

[VIMH: The feeling's mutual, pal]


[VIMH: In fact, if I was who you are, I would have known you were in Oprah's book club]
I'm not in Oprah's book club.

[VIMH: Uh huh, sure you're not]
No, seriously. I was just Googling that phrase since it's the name of the blog.

[VIMH: You love Oprah, you love Oprah]
Oh come on.

[VIMH: Must hurt what with her endorsing Obama and all]
Now you're just being silly.

[VIMH: It's ok, I'm here for you]
Yeah, that's a bug, not a feature.

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  1. Does the VIYH have any reaction to John McCain's new ad?