Monday, March 24, 2008

A race producing hope

Let's rundown the goings on from this past weekend in the Democratic race to end the bitter, divisive, politics-as-usual political campaigning for political office:

Bill Clinton lauds Hillary and McCain as patriots. He leaves out Obama however, which Obama supporters say is insinuating Obama to be unpatriotic. Retired Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak, an Obama campaign co-chairman, says Bill Clinton is like Joe McCarthy. Gordon Fischer, an Obama campaign co-chair in Iowa, says Bill Clinton’s statement leaves a stain worse than the one on the blue dress. Newly-minted Obama backer Bill Richardson meanwhile refuses to say that Clinton is like McCarthy. Which is a bit of a surprise since, according to Clinton surrogate James Carville, Richardson is Judas Iscariot.

Seems more a race to the bottom to us.

And yet, it does produce a feeling of hope.

For Republicans.


  1. I love watching the pompous types tear one another to pieces.

    This summer promises to lack for good movies but I plan on being entertained by the RNC campaign ads against the dem nominee. So much material, so little time.

  2. You know, the ads are almost unnecessary.

    I mean, I would fancy myself a decent satirist and parodist.

    But the dems keep writing material better than I could produce.

    Yeah -- the RNC will be good at capturing and distributing them in digestible forms.

    And don't forget the 527s!