Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer: A graphic depiction

MORE (posted at top): Hot Air has the story on "Kristen" (Ashley Alexandra Dupre) who, if she wants an "I did Eliot Spitzer t-shirt", can have one (or ten! or one hundred!) on the house. But if she gets anywhere near $100,000 for her story -- then we'll limit it to no more than ten.


I did Eliot Spitzer
and all I got was
this lousy t-shirt...

UPDATE: New slogan?

It's not just for campaign donations any more.


  1. If you switched the message around and put the $$$ on the front of the shirt you would have a veritable tresure "chest".

    Love your new blog, Jeff. :)

  2. Since he paid for the train tickets, you could add that she got taken for a ride.

  3. Since he negotiated her price down from the $5,500 you could say he caught trying to dicker. Is that a crime now?