Saturday, March 22, 2008

Richardson converts to Obamianity

Via Hot Air, news that Bill Richardson has thrown his considerable weight, if less significant political endorsement, behind Barack Obama.

Geraghty takes a few swipes at the ol' lug:

The man always looked like an unmade bed, contradicted his own proposals all the time, spat out gaffes like a Pez dispenser, and referred to his previous positions in government like he had obsessive-compulsive disorder... but somehow I miss the guy anyway.

I won't disagree with that assessment one bit; I'm laughing too much to be critical of it in any way.

But please. Geraghty sets up his post with this:

Richardson Endorses Obama... A Little While After It Would Really Help
Bill Richardson
endorses Obama.

Would have been more helpful before the New Mexico caucus, which Hillary won by a narrow margin.

Geraghty Questions the Timing!

Now I'm not saying Jim doesn't know the answer. Of course he does. We all do. Richardson simply waited until he knew which way the wind blows. He waited until he felt it safe to back the winner.

And of course, not being one to countenance such disloyalty to the Clinton family, James Carville calls Richardson Judas Iscariot.

But please.

Richardson is simply Speaking Truth to Power!

Hillary is finished!

That is, if you're all into that crazy counting delgates and stuff.

We're not.

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