Saturday, March 22, 2008

Obama campaign: Obama's remarks are offensive

Via Hot Air, Chris Wallace is not too happy with Fox & Friends obsessing over Obama's "typical white person" remark.

Chris Wallace (transciption services offered by TheVIMH, all errors our fault):

"I've been watching this show since six o'clock since I got seems to me that two hours of Obama-bashing...on this "typical white person" remark is somewhat excessive, and frankly I think you're somewhat distorting what Obama had to say...

[Wallace reads Obama's statement]

...I'm not saying that that's the most felicitous remark that anybody ever made's a bit more complicated than we've been portraying it...

[Fox dude defending their coverage]

...Well, I mean, all I can tell you is, I've been watching on and off for a couple of hours, and every clip I've seen ends at that's "a typical white person" when in fact he's going on to discuss the nature of race in our country, and again I'm not saying it was...if he had it to do over again that he'd necessarily say it that way, but I don't think that he was making a hyper-racial remark. And I guess I just feel like on a day when he's been endorsed by Bill Richardson and we have the story about the passports and the State Department officials looking into them, I feel like two hours of Obama bashing may...

[video clip ends there, we assume Wallace reiterates his view that the bashing was excessive].

So. Wallace is not happy that the Fox & Friends folks spent so much time on Obama-bashing, specifically in replaying Obama's "typical white person" remark.

And Obama IS happy that Wallace is not happy. Hot Air points us to the Politico who has the Obama campaign's response:

We appreciate Chris Wallace for doing his job as a tough but fair journalist on a network that has been deeply irresponsible over the last week in its unrelenting and sensationalistic coverage of Sen. Obama. ...

If Fox News wants to play clips of the same offensive sound bites every day from now until November, that's their right, but that type of coverage does a disservice to their viewers and to a nation that is facing serious challenges that merit thoughtful and honest reporting.


Fox & Friends spends a couple of hours on the "typical white person" remark by Obama.

Chris Wallace takes them to task.

The Obama campaign praises Wallace -- saying that Fox playing clips of offensive soundbites does a disservice to its viewers.


The Obama campaign calls clips of Obama's "typical white person" remarks offensive.

We agree!

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