Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jeremiah Wright '08!

If we need a Speechifier in Chief -- which is what Obama is best qualified for and which so many people seem to be hungering for -- then why not show Rev. Wright the post-racial state our nation is in by offering him the nomination.

There is no denying that this man knows how to give a stem-winder. His ability to get people leaping to their feet with his verbal delivery really, if we are honest, puts Obama to shame.

But this offer is good only on the condition that by accepting the fact that the US is in fact post-racial -- which it must be if he is being offered the nomination -- that he agree to give his homilies as written by David Axelrod.

Wright '08!!!
Feel the Reconciliationism

Sorry, Obama, you had a good run. But you just don't seem able to cut it.

UPDATE: As Cecil Turner points out, Wright also has military experience and executive experience as pastor of a large church.

It's settled.

Write in Wright!

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